Garden of Art

Garden of Art

In connection with finishing the reconstruction of the gallery building in Zimná Street 47 in years 1994–1996, an architectonic solution for the realization of the gallery Garden of Art was produced. Subsequently, grassing and planting of decorative bushes was realized. The content of this cultivated exterior of the gallery is aimed at the presentation of the sculptural works gained mainly from the International Sculptural Symposiums, which were organized by the Spiš Artists’ Gallery in two-year intervals. 

The idea to create a sculptural exposition in the exterior of the gallery tries to follow the next Spiš tradition, the coexistence of more ethnic groups and vital foreign contacts. In the past the Spiš region was a crossroads of various cultures and today this fact is followed by an international cooperation, particularly in the area of Carpathian Euro region. 

The works of sculpture made of Spiš travertine, wood and metal, positioned up to the present days, were created by artists at three symposiums in Spišská Nová Ves in years 2002, 2004, 2006. The basic exposition comprises thirteen works representing the present sculptural production of the artists from Poland, Ukraine, Romania, The Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The permanent exposition of the gallery has been created since 2002 in the areas of the gallery garden situated behind the buildings of the gallery in Zimná Street 46 and 47.